4 The Ravers EP

Following the fiery success of his ‘Warpath’ LP, an immense package of tracks that identified how Maztek was still a mainstay producer within the darker soundscapes of drum & bass, Maztek is about to return. The album broke the news of his 0101 Records label, a base for Maztek and one which hasn’t just showcased his own sonic artillery. It’s also brought in a trove of producers who’ve all shown their flair for electronic music, although only the darker kind which has infiltrated many playlists throughout the European continent, as well as further afield across the Atlantic. And one primary reason for this is how powerful his music has proven to be when flung through stacked speakers, infiltrating even the most niche spaces to cause the upmost chaos on dancefloors.
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Italian-born DnB artist Maztek represents the nano-fine edge of the Neurofunk scene. From humble beginnings playing in bands as a teenager, he fell under the spell of the mighty basslines that DnB is renowned for in the midst of both illegal raves in Rome and commercial events with acts like Fabio, Grooverider and Roni Size. Seeing the potential of the sound, he set to developing a unique futuristic aesthetic of his own - creating an audio realm under his Maztek moniker that has become highly influential throughout the world.
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Maztek R353T A/V SHOW

This stands as another monumental turning point of Maztek’s journey, as it carries itself onto another stage of creativity. With Maztek representing such a pivotal part of the drum & bass manuscript this comes as no surprise; he’s proven he’s an artist of the truest sense, with the first reveal for this AV spectacular due to drop in 2021…