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Maztek R353T A/V SHOW


Live A/V Show
0101 Music

Press Release
Maztek is a name which has become one of the most notable when looking at the drum & bass genre. He’s never bent over for commercial viability and as a result, his longevity within dance music has meant he’s become part of its fabric. After releasing on a number of its mainstay record labels, including C4C, Eatbrain, Virus Recordings and many more imprints which have shaped the sound of drum & bass, his music has become a notorious section of their catalogues.

Having released music for over a decade, he’s launched his own platform for both his own work and the music he’s showcasing throughout his sought-after DJ sets. And following the inauguration of 0101 Records and his ‘Warpath’ LP which marked the first part of its discography, Maztek is now about to embark on another venture whilst introducing fans to the unique experience of his 15 years live audio visual show, something never seen before within drum & bass.

The encompassing visuals debuted behind his performances will be rendered live, reacting to the frequencies and BPM and creating a furious display of Maztek’s sound. Although this isn’t something new to Maztek, with him having started his career with a similar project ‘Multisensorial Lab’ hosted on his previous label Subculture Recordings. He continues this multi sensual experience through a new lens, capitalising on the subsequent years of his musical endeavours and in doing so providing a new medium to explore the tracks he’s released. Furthermore, all the cuts showcased through the AV show will be those which have been released through his 0101 Records stamp, proving that it was always set to be more than just a label.

This stands as another monumental turning point of Maztek’s journey, as it carries itself onto another stage of creativity. With Maztek representing such a pivotal part of the drum & bass manuscript this comes as no surprise; he’s proven he’s an artist of the truest sense, with the first reveal for this AV spectacular due to drop in 2021…