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Maztek reveals new EP 4 the Ravers and 5 Tunes that Influenced It

Italian drum & bass producer Maztek is gearing up to release his ‘4 the Ravers’ EP tomorrow on 0101 Music, and has given us five tracks that inspired his sound

The album is full of gritty, technically astounding neurofunk, showcasing the producer’s unique edge in terms of both sound design and arrangements. His first release of 2019 (as well as his first on new imprint 0101 Music), Maztek has certainly started the year with a bang.

With seven brand new tracks, the album is an homage not only to Maztek’s growth as a producer, but also a fitting tribute to his time spent travelling extensively with sound systems as a DJ before working in more traditional settings – the album is raw, loud, and unapologetically filthy with the polished finish of such a seasoned musician.

Excited about the new release, we couldn’t help but be curious as to what sort of tracks have inspired Maztek over the years, and his selection is nothing short of wicked.

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