VIP Remixes


ICARUS AUDIO 014 : Maztek: VIP Remixes

Icarus Audio presents the 014 Release in the form of MAZTEK: VIP REMIXES!!! This... is.... serious! Italian Badboy, MAZTEK revisits the tune that started the ruckus we now know him for, and this rework of the classic "Straight To Bad" is BIG! Guaranteed floor-rocker, crowd-banger, bass-face inducing, and begging for the rewind! THE KILLER APP! This tune is also featured in the new FabricLive Series Mix #82 with Ed Rush & Optical! SUPPORT FROM ALL MAJOR PLAYERS, a certified stomper! GUARANTEED!
"Depth" gets the VIP treatment on the flipside with that pure push for all of your sub bass needs! Maztek gives the pure nod to the original walking you in with the familiar and then dropping it out with a brand new groove! Absolutely Rolling! Your Bassbins have been warned!

Digital Release is on July 20th, and will be featured in the Fabric Live Mix #82 with Ed Rush & Optical that is releasing on the 24th!
LIMITED EDITION vinyl will be out a few weeks after!

Icarus Audio