Maztek - ThreePointZero – Album Sampler

ThreePointZero (Album Sampler) – Single

Maztek - ThreePointZero – Album Sampler
Maztek – ThreePointZero – Album Sampler


Three Point Zero Album Sampler
Out Now on 12″ Vinyl & Digital

1) Maztek – Time Gap
2) Maztek – Tokiwa
3) Maztek – Anunnaki

Renegade Hardware is proud to present the debut album from Maztek: Three Point Zero.

Over a year in the making, this body of work is without question Mazteks finest work to date. Encompassing his trademark uncompromising dance floor style as well as explorative sonic journeys into elaborate textured sound design and hip hop fused productions.

Based around the concept that we as a species have come to a point in our own evolution where man, machine and spirituality have all merged together, Maztek’s aptly named ThreePointZero explores the relationship between the real and the cyber world.

Featuring an array of well-chosen collaborations of both vocalists and producers alike – such as Dutch hip hop crew Dope D.O.D, Hardware / Virus’s BTK, Viper’s Insideinfo, Ram’s Audio, Italian new blood Disprove and vocalist; Coppa. Maztek has created a cogent and extremely innovative long player that once again proves why DnB will never die.

In his own words: ‘Three Point Zero represents something new to me, moving from 2.0 to 3.0. It relates to the “cyber” life we all now lead in one way or another. 3.0 could also reference the next stage in human evolution. Where the body, spirituality and technology combine. Human 3.0, when a man becomes his own Prophet.’


This sampler provides an entry point into what to expect from the full album, which will be released in early December.