Programmed V2.0

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Following the critically acclaimed inaugural ‘Programmed’ series in February, Program has curated another powerhouse four-piece. Peppered with some of the most talented and creative producers in the global drum & bass game, it’s a sterling sonic showcase that leaves no style stone unturned.

The Italian sonic stallion Maztek takes the lead with ‘Dizzy Step’. Celebrating his biggest year so far, the young artist shows why he’s currently in huge demand with this precision produced stepper. The bassline scuffs and skitters over the pummelling riddim, acting as both a lead line and the driving force of the track. Following one of Maztek’s most monstrous build ups to date, the drop teases as it waits for a bar to show off its savage power. Truly tremendous.


1. Maztek – Dizzy Step
2. Traffic – Structures
3. East Colors – Crispy ft Noel
4. Stealth & Altair – You Do Me Wrong

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