Multiverse EP

Renegade Hardware take you into the Multiverse with the latest release, an EP themed by unique collaborations, with contributions from the core of the labels artists, both established and new. With input from Maztek, Cern, Dose, Optiv, BTK, Cold Fusion, Subtension, Minor Rain and Trilo, you know you are in for a wild ride. Music taken from the past, and driven all the way into the future. Strap yourselves in and get ready!


Maztek and Cern team up for the title cut, a trip into the unknown of seismic proportions. The producers find a groove in minimal surroundings, weighing up every possibility that their experience presents, and returning with clattering drums and precision bass, all wrapped up in a musical motion picture of space flight and galactic destruction. Everything that the future sound of Hardware is about is right here.

Optiv, BTK and Hardware’s own label manager Cold Fusion enter the Void on the next track, with an old skool-feeling vocal sample laced over a mind-blowing, cataclysmic blend of live-sounding drums and elastic, creeping bass. The producers wring emotion out of even the coldest situation, and then scramble your brains with some of the best music they’ve produced to date.


Dose and Cern then count them off One At A Time, with some funky, rising breaks starting things off, before the track drops down into a more gritty, grimey affair.


Subtension, Minor Rain and Trilo go in on No Smer to finish off the EP. This schizophrenic ode to the machine starts off with a gently rising break, before cutting into a hypnotic groove laced around some smoother synth samples. A worthy addition to the Hardware canon, No Smer is a driving ride into the future.