Maztek X Aeph The Dirt // Trajectory

Maztek, Aeph

Maztek’s new label launch & Album sampler

The first release on 0101Music is a sampler for Maztek’s forthcoming ‘Warpath’ LP. Featuring Aeph, a long time friend who hails from the same cultural hub, it’s a record which will certainly turn the heads of tastemakers and fans alike. There’s also a range of artists who jump on board alongside Aeph, including the likes of GridlokRedpillVirus SyndicateMC MotaMC VerseMiss Trouble and MC Nuklear, which only goes to highlight the vast musical appeal debuted throughout ‘Warpath’ whilst he taps into the range of talent grown within his sphere.

Tracks like ‘The Dirt’ and ‘Trajectory’ represent Maztek’s return to his roots, the kind of beats which were notorious during his time working on Subculture Music. However, the idea behind 0101Music was to manifest a more personal feel whilst still having the freedom which means you don’t have to stick to any trends or standards. Both tracks are a testament to this, with ‘The Dirt’s hard-stroking sounds being filtered through the stringent production standards of its production outfit, and ‘Trajectory’ providing a tear out anthem which ducks and dives between its meticulous layering.

Beatport Exc: 19th Feb
Worldwide: March 5th, 2018

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