Grinder EP


Featuring June Miller, Mob Tactics, Leah Vee

Rumours of the infernal mechanism were rife amongst the population, that somewhere deep in the sublevels of the city it waited with the eternal patience that belongs only to machines. It was said that those people whom the system had broken, whose minds had snapped – ejecting them from the social architecture… were first incarcerated, analyzed and then taken to it to be erased completely. He was about to find out the truth of this, dragged from his metallic cell by those machine claws, his arms bound tightly across his chest and vocal chords paralyzed. He wanted to scream, terror engulfing him and winding around his vertebrae, giving birth to a black hole within the pit of his stomach... but all that emerged was a whimper of despair. It was registered by the synthetic mind and catalogued in its vast archive of variations of this moment - its casual analysis of this journey to death. The chamber was incomprehensibly vast… and it was there waiting, reaching with its threatening appendages from the shadows, its diabolical jaws enshrouded in the dull green light of a vast viewing screen displaying the symbol of the architect. The teeth started that relentless slicing, the very ground trembling through the power of its mighty workings, the mechanism to be his absolute obliteration… those claws pulling him inexorably towards the end as the viewscreen changed and flashes the word ‘goodbye’. The GRINDER completes its work. In the almost oblivious streets above, a faint rumble is felt – knowing, fearful looks are briefly exchanged before the citizens hurry on with their business.

Apex neuro and tech producer MAZTEK arrives with his first full EP on leading d&b label, EATBRAIN. Following up appearances on the label’s Tales of the Undead and Mirror Universe VA LP’s, the GRINDER EP sees Maztek deliver 4 tracks of high-grade dancefloor weaponry, enwrapped in the kind of heavy sonic technology that his fans have come to expect. From the tear-out but tightly wound collaboration with with June Miller in BLAFFER, to the grime-influenced and glitched vocals of GOOD QUESTION that comes in heavy with the evil bounce of its bass – the EP runs a diverse and unique flex. Title-track GRINDER delivers an appropriately punishing assault, packed with sinister sound design and brooding, dynamic riff, whilst TANGLED delivers an edgy and lightly percussive shuffle to accompany its powerful bass. This is both an artist and a label at their best, delivering an overwhelmingly powerful artefact for the dance.

Release date
15th August Beatport Exc.

29th August Worldwide
Vinyl never happened


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