Dive Bomb EP (Virus Recordings)


Maztek/Optiv/BTK, MC Kryptomedic

Huge 4 track E.P. featuring collabs from Optiv, BTK, Maztek and MC Kryptomedic. Divebomb Optiv & BTK continue to bring their unique blend of funk-bass precision slammers to Virus Recordings and this is a perfect example of why they are so highly regarded in the scene. Bring on the bombs! Dark Ryder Elemental tech-bass and their trademark razor sharp production abound as Optiv & BTK continue their mission to blow up the dancefloor. SMMF* Featuring the vocal talents of MC Kryptomedic...this is total Virus style future-funk with badass breaks and oldschool rap vocal intro brought to you by BTK and Maztek. Inside Out The final instalment brings back the super-team of Optiv and BTK to finish off completely slaying the dancefloor with the most futuristic bassline funk out there!

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