DuttyAudio Presents: Blend V/A LP
Release date: 21st April 2014

This is the one you’ve truly been waiting for. The Blend LP drops at the perfect time for the Dutty Audio camp, after a series of acclaimed singles and EPs and high profile bookings for label boss BTK and other Dutty artists. With a varied, vivid collection over 11 tracks, the album builds on, and expands Dutty’s universe, delivering track after track of quality neuro- and tech-inspired music.

Contributions come from veterans like Optiv & BTK and Maldini, and newer names like Level 2 and Cern. Expect heavy hitting sounds, blended with the finest production on display in the scene. The album is a trip, so get strapped in.

The Blend title could not be more apt, as the album ranges from the old skool-tinged blasts of C.A.B.L.E’s future classic Individual, to Cern’s ominous Fourth State. There’s heavyweight business like label boss BTK and Optiv’s majestic Let It Loose, complete with live-sounding drums and sliding effects, and the usual insanity from Teddy Killerz in the shape of the mean, sinewy, but still musical Mock.

Chromatic drops in with Plummet, featuring P Fine, which is as bassy and as bashy as you could wish for. Straight to the dome, and firing on all cylinders. The entire album provides all the beats and bass you need in your life, and is set to become one of the collections of the year. This status is backed up by the likes of Nymfo’s deep Worms, which moves in and out of the sub frequencies with ease, setting the tone for some seriously heavy vibes. All styles are represented on Blend, as long as they are hard, and fast.

BTK teams up with the legendary Ink for the aptly-titled Triumph, showcasing just how vital drum & bass music is in 2014. Searing beats, a solid sense of both rhythm and melody, this one glides around a central core, bringing both light and shade to the LP. Unexpectedly soulful, this cut just goes to show how much these producers can do when they put their minds to the task.

With other contributions from Level 2 (Nothing To Fear), Maldini (Icarus), Maztek (the jaw-dropping Sinestesia) and Mindscape (Do It Like This, alongside Coppa), Blend is just rammed with amazing music. If you’re familiar with Dutty Audio, you’ll know how essential it’s going to be. If you’re not, you soon will be.