Maztek : Interview

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Maztek’s ‘What We Bring/Caph’ drops on Dutty Audio next week. He also dropped by to tell us a little more about himself, his new release and a story about a funny altercation at the airport.


Easy Maztek, how’s it going?

Ez all good, I hope everything is going well for you too.

For those that might not have heard of you, can you give a short introduction?

Hello folks this is Matteo aka Maztek representing Italy, I love to listen to music and to make it especially bass music and twisted sounds.

I grew up playing in local bands as a lead guitarist. When I was just a kid, my brother was a DJ and he had a sound system in the house. I used to play with his turntables and his mixer and I started to understand how they work. When I was 18 I started going to clubs where they played drum & bass.

I make different kinds of Electronic music from Drum & Bass to Dubstep to Hip Hop/Grime beats. If you want to know more about me please listen to my music and follow me for upcoming releases.