Dope D.O.D. Da Roach – OUT NOW


‘Da Roach’  a true follow up to the first album, a sequel so to speak… But we didn’t try to make tracks that sound like the one’s on Branded, This album is a new chapter to our story….As we toured around the world and worked on the album on our days off and when we got back home….we wrote on the road and sometimes at home on the few days we wasn’t touring…..P (P. Songolo) was producing the bangers back in G-town and we got a couple of cats we worked with before like Maztek and Chubeats + some first time collaborations with Noisia and Bong Ra.

We met Bong Ra backstage in Barcelona, we got fucked up together and stayed in touch. He produces mainly breakcore and jungle records himself and is a legend in his scene. For the collabo with us he found a perfect blend between his and our style. It’s a special joint if ya ask me.

Chubeats iz our homie and also one of our home producers, u might’ve seen him in the What Happened video, he’s the one who stands beside Skitsme most of the time and does the gunshots over his shoulders. He’s from G-town as well. He did a couple a beats on Da Roach, and he produced Cosmosis Jones on Branded.

Maztek iz our boy from Italy, He did the Brutality beat on the Evil EP. We met him a couple a times on tour in Italy and it was only right he produced 3 joints on the new album! Be sure 2 check him out! This dude iz crazy with da bangerz. One of the tracks he did features Redman…One of his favorite artists period…This goes for us as well. He’s a true Hip Hop legend.

Noisia lives in Gtown as well, and we known em for many years. It took a while before both camps had the time to work together….After we did a crazy show in Marseille at Marsatac, the same night Noisia and Foreign Beggars performed there, we all came on stage during da Noisia set, who were last to perform and we made a crazy party out of it….It waz dope…kinda like a family thing. A couple weeks later we had another show at another event, the next morning after 2 hours of sleep, they drove back with us to Holland in our ride, and one of them was workin on a beat he had on his laptop. Skits already had a verse that fit perfectly to the beat he played….He laced it at Noisia’s studio and Jay and dope wrote their verses after that. This track became Rocket. After Skits recorded my verse he went home with another beat. This would become the 2nd Noisia produced joint on the album. Called: The Butterfly Effect. On the album they produced under the alias of Nightwatch.

This album has a lot of features….A total of 6. Redman, Kool Keith, Onyx, Sean Price, Simon Roofles(part of Da Goldminerz) and Da Goldminerz. We got to meet most of them whilst touring Europe and during our visits to the states.

Because we had all these collaborations on our album we had a lot of songs and music we really wanted the people to hear. So we chose to make it a double cd. Consisting of 9 tracks on each disc. As you will hear the tracks on disc 1 have a very different sound from the one’s on disc 2. Depending on your mood you can choose which disc you want to hear. We know it’s not common practice these days to release a double cd, but f*ck that, we just want everybody to listen to all the stuff we’ve been making.

We decided to call it Da Roach, because The Cockroach, the only living creature on earth that can survive a nuclear disaster. Our album is gonna be a classic and our music will survive. Thats why it is… Da Roach.