Matteo Cavo aka. Maztek, embraced upon his music career at the young age of 13 as a lead guitarist and percussionist.

Born and raised in the heart of Italy, Rome, at 18 years of age he became fascinated with electronic music, specifically Techno and Drum and Bass. He decided to take heed and began to compose not only Drum and Bass but also Electro, Grime and Dubstep tracks and played out in the Italian underground scene.

In 2005 Maztek formed the label ‘Subculture Records’, which captivated a wide audience internationally as a vinyl and digital label and has had releases from artists such as, N.phect, Future Signal, Proktah, Malsum & Sleeper Cell.
You can hear Mazteks releases on ‘Subculture Records’ as well as many other labels such as, ‘Contaminated’, ‘Close2death’ Germany’s ‘Basswerk’ and Italian labels ‘Modulate’ and ‘Transistor Technology’.

As well as heaps of releases from the man himself he has also collaborated with a number of well known producers such as Aeph, Optiv, Sleeper Cell, Dabs, Billian, N.phect and Malsum, to name a few.
Maztek has done remixes for artists like Intiman, Foreign Beggars and is in the process of doing a remix for N.phect.

His biggest releases yet, Intiman ft. Foreign Beggars, ‘Hit That’ (Maztek remix) and ‘Straight to bad’, have caught attention to many world wide, supported by all major Dj’s, Ed Rush, The Upbeats and State of Mind, amongst many others.

Maztek is hot property and is ready to proceed this long passionate career!


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