Detroit Bass Brigade Presents “Operation Icarus” Friday September 20th

Friday, September 20th Detroit Bass Brigade presents: “Operation Icarus” featuring Maztek with special guest Staticalpha and MC Ridda

Maztek [Renegade Hardware/Hospital/Program/Dutty Audio/Icarus Audio/Syndrome/Sinuous/Citrus/Subculture/Modulate/Rome, Italy]

Matteo Cavo aka Maztek, born and raised in the heart of Italy, Rome, he embarked upon his music career at the young age of 13 as a lead guitarist and percussionist.

At 18 years of age he became fascinated with electronic music, specifically Techno and Drum and Bass. He decided to take heed and began to compose not only Drum and Bass but also Electro, Grime and Dubstep tracks and played them out in the Italian underground scene with great success and response.

In 2005, Maztek formed the label ‘Subculture Records’, that captivated a wide international audience and became a known vinyl and digital label and has had releases from artists such as, N.phect, Future Signal, Proktah, Malsum & Sleeper Cell.

You can hear Maztek’s releases on ‘Subculture Records’ as well as many other labels such as, ‘Contaminated’, ‘Close2death’ Germany’s ‘Basswerk’ and Italian labels ‘Modulate’ and ‘Transistor Technology’ to name a few.

Maztek has also collaborated with a number of well known producers such as Aeph, Optiv, Sleeper Cell, Dabs, Billian, N.phect and Malsum, to name a few.

Maztek’s remix catalogue is also increasing; he has done remixes for artists like Intiman, Foreign Beggars and is in the process of doing a remix for N.phect.

His biggest releases yet, Intiman ft. Foreign Beggars, ‘Hit That’ (Maztek remix) and ‘Straight to Bad’, have caught the attention of many all around the world and has been supported by all major Dj’s such as, Ed Rush, The Upbeats, State of Mind, amongst many others.

In 2011, he became one of the official producers of Dope D.O.D., a hip hop crew based in the Netherlands, and in that same year he made a remix for an Italian band called Subsonica. The track was “Il Diluvio (Maztek remix)” and was released by EMI. Another remix was made for a band called VOV and was released by Warner. Beyond these huge releases, in 2012, Maztek signed “Galactica” and “Odyssey” on Renegade Hardware, one of the most famous labels in the UK established in 1995. He is also working on a single for Andy C’s Program Records and Tony Colman’s Hospital Records as well…plus another EP for Ed Rush’s Piranha Pool.

With Dope D.O.D. he made another 4 beats coming out on their new album in early 2013. One of the beats will feature Redman.

Maztek’s sound is supported by big names such as Andy C, Ed Rush, Delta Heavy, June Miller, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind to name a few.

Maztek is hot property and is ready to proceed in what has been proving to be a long and amazing career!

Staticalpha [Icarus Audio/Scripture Music/Triple Vision/Louisville, Kentucky]

DJ/Producer, Brandon Stewart aka “Staticalpha” has been a driving force representing the evolving sound of Drum and Bass in the Midwestern USA for many years. As the founder of the established record label Icarus Audio and the newly established Scripture Music, Staticalpha will always deliver a showcase of EXCLUSIVE material and demonstrate the mixing abilities of an absolute surgeon. Among his travels to many cities all over the country, Staticalpha has shared the stage with the likes of the mighty LTJ Bukem, Gridlok, Spktrm, Dieselboy, Hive, Dara, Klute, Excision, and many other A-List performers. Staticalpha will always showcase cutting edge Drum and Bass with a performance presence that is as real as it comes.

MC Ridda [San Diego Union/Technical Support TV/Timeless/Bass Dynasty Crew/San Diego, California]

Tyler Rosier aka MC Ridda has been a factor in the San Diego Drum and Bass scene for over a decade now, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he started to get the recognition and notice that he had been working so hard for. With his versatile style of Hip Hop, Reggae, Double Time and traditional singing he has earned himself a residency with DEEP (San Diego’s longest running weekly), Timeless (LA) and reputation for being the most energetic hype man in San Diego.

In the last few years MC Ridda has had the honor of opening for or playing with some of the biggest names in the business, such as – A Sides, DJ DIE, Capital J, Marcus Visionary, Taxman, Twisted Individual, Klute, DJ SS, Marcus Intelex, Q-Project (Total Science), T-Power, Gridlok, Logistics, Loxy, Social Security, Atlantic Connection, Status (CHASE & STATUS), Diesel Boy, Dara, AK1200, LTJ Bukem, and Andy C

“To all the people that support what I do, Thank you. It’s not about us it’s about the people, more importantly its about entertaining the people! Thanks to all the promoters, DJs and MC’s that gave me a chance to do what I love to do, especially my DEEP and Timeless crew.”

Bob Marley, Atmosphere, Det, Skibba, LTJ and Conrad,

Local Support from:

Ronin Selecta [Konkrete Jungle Detroit/Bassdrive/Bangtech 12]

Matt Clarke [Detroit Dubstep/Subculture]


R.C.U [Comfort Food/]


Mel Wonder [The Foundation/Comfort Food]

The Eleventh Guest a.k.a Mr. Sinder [Suckerpunch]

Also with supporting vocal stlyings from:

Bombscare [Konkrete Jungle Detroit]

With Visuals By: OCTORED

18+ w/valid picture ID
$10 All Night
The Works
1846 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48216